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Mobile Home Releveling

A Balanced Home

If you live in a manufactured or mobile home, it’s important to keep the structure level. When your home is first set in your lot, it is leveled with a hydraulic jack. Concrete blocks or steel piers are placed under the home to keep it in place, providing a sturdy, reliable structure. Over time, however, your manufactured home will begin to settle in the ground. As it settles, your home may become imbalanced and uneven, causing instability and other problems.

Signs Your Home Isn’t Level

If you notice cracks in your drywall or you see the skirting around your home is buckled or bent, your house may need to be releveled. Other signs that your home needs releveling include doors that rub or close on their own, doors that swing open, uneven floors and slanted countertops. If objects roll off your countertop or you feel like you are walking uphill inside your home, call us today for an inspection and releveling service.

Releveling Your Home

At The Manufactured Home Specialist, we understand how important your home is to you and your family. That’s why we provide professional releveling services. We’ll help maintain your home and ensure it can continue to support your family.
When you call us for your mobile home releveling, our skilled technicians will quickly respond to your needs. We will perform a 20-point inspection under your home and use a hydraulic jack to level your home on the existing concrete blocks or steel piers. We’ll work to make your home secure again.

Our 20-Point Inspection and Foundation Report Includes:

  • Home Is Level With the Water Level
  • All Support Footings With Support Piers
  • Marriage Line Supports and Connections
  • Plumbing and Refuse Lines for Leaks
  • Electrical Cross-Check and Connection
  • Skirting Rodent Barriers for Varmint Holes
  • Crossover Ducts

Call Us Today

If you’ve noticed cracks in your drywall or other signs of settling, call our office today. We will gladly answer any questions you have about our services and give you a free estimate for your mobile home releveling.