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What Happens If You Ignore Releveling Issues?

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Mobile homes, unlike stick-built homes, are placed on a non-permanent foundation. Propped on blocks and other supportive braces, your mobile home is designed to stay firmly in place until it needs to be relocated again.

Due to its unique setup on your property, your mobile home will need to be releveled periodically. Your mobile home will begin to sink into its non-permanent foundation or shift due to a number of reasons, including:
  • Additional weight not accounted for when your home was first leveled
  • Changes in the earth underneath your home's placement
  • Seasonal rainfall, causing the ground to swell and sink
When your mobile home needs to be releveled, you need to call an expert releveling company as soon as you notice signs your home is not as secure in its position as it once was. Failure to relevel your mobile home can have disastrous consequences. Learn what happens if you don't have your mobile home releveled.

Your Roof Can Cave

Your mobile home relies on the concrete footings the property is placed on to fully support the entire weight of your home. When your home is not leveled in one area but secure in others, your home starts to sag. Sagging places pressure on your mobile home from the roof down, and it can actually cause your roof to cave or sink in over time.

The best way to preserve your home's roof against permanent damage is having your mobile home releveled. Thankfully, the cost is often cheaper than you think - under $1,000 if you don't own a triple wide home.

Permanent Fixtures Can Break

As your home begins to sink on its footings, the stress on the interior of your home will show in many ways. Cabinets will start to pull away from the walls, countertops will sag and warp, and plumbing fixtures will bend and even break.

As soon as you notice a slant in your floors or countertops, call your releveling expert to place your home on more solid footings. Try this simple water test to see if your home is level: place a small amount of water on your counter or tabletop. If the water moves easily to one side or the other, then the moisture is running downhill, a sign that your home is not level.

Footings Can Break

Your mobile home may be losing its solid foundation due to a comprised footing that has shifted, broken, or cracked. If a footing were to suddenly break away completely, your entire mobile home will crash down in sections, causing disastrous results.

Living Can Become Uncomfortable

The longer you let your mobile home go without fixing its foundation problem, the more issues you will have in the home. Cupboard doors will not close, doors will be hard to open and shut (as will windows), and living in your home will become more unsafe. Call your mobile home releveling expert who specializes in mobile home properties to inspect your home and make recommendations to fix your home's footings before further damage occurs.

As you can see, leaving your mobile home with existing leveling issues can be disastrous. Since leveling your mobile home is part of its regular maintenance, it's important to have your mobile home releveled as soon as you suspect there is a problem with your home's footings.

Proper mobile home releveling should only be done by an expert. Do not attempt to level your home yourself. You will need to vacate your mobile home while the releveling process is underway, so make arrangements to be out of your home until the new footings are put in place.
Releveling your mobile home will ensure safe and reliable living for as long as you own your mobile home. Call our team of mobile home experts at The Manufactured Home Specialist for your releveling needs today.


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