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3 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Residential HVAC Duct
Heating and cooling ducts are easy to ignore because they are out of sight. A homeowner may not realize how unhealthy their ducts are and the types of debris that exists in them. Many people also underestimate how many pests lurk within these dark tunnels under a home. Here are just three reasons why every homeowner should schedule a thorough duct cleaning.
Debris From Cockroaches
Cockroaches are a common threat in many areas of California because the dry conditions outside encourage the pests to come inside for water, food, and shelter. The insects invade homes easily and are difficult to eliminate. Cockroaches are still a threat even after they are gone. The interiors of ducts can have insect droppings, deceased bugs, and shed exoskeletons.
As the air system circulates through the ducts, it distributes the debris into the air throughout the home. People inside the house may experience allergy and asthma problems, develop rashes, and suffer from more frequent skin and ear infections or other health concerns due to the cockroach debris. 
Destruction by Mice
Mice often use ductwork to access the interior of a home and stay in the tunnels to hide and to nest. The pests find small openings in the ductwork to squeeze through and then have the freedom to go anywhere in the home where there is an air vent. As the population increases, they can move into walls and shred insulation, chew wires, and cause other damage.
Mice in a heating system leave behind dander, mold from the dampness of their nests, and bacteria from their urine and droppings. Debris of this type can lead to respiratory problems. This debris can also create an odor problem that becomes even more noticeable when the HVAC system runs and is impossible to remove with basic household cleaning and room deodorizers.
Clean out any nesting material and waste products left behind in the ducts after a removal is complete and entry spots are sealed. Annual duct inspections and cleaning services can become an early warning system for homeowners with repeated mice infestations. 
Illness From Dust
Dust is made up of tiny dirt particulates. Dust can hold animal and human hair, human skin cells, dust mites, and pet dander. Dust particles can also help to spread pollen through homes. Even small amounts of insect and rodent waste products could be carried by dust.
A dusty home can have a musty odor or an earthy smell. A clean home with dust-filled air ducts could also have the same aroma. Homeowners may that notice their furnishings become dustier during the times when their HVAC system runs because the dust continues to circulate through the home. The problem can lead to congestion, sneezing, and sinus infections.
Mold is another concern in homes with debris-filled ductwork. Only a few drops of moisture can cause mold growth. The duct system is particularly susceptible to mold because it does not get any of the UV light from the sun that helps to kill mold.
Consider duct cleaning if allergies, headaches, and sinus conditions seem worse than they once were or if people in the home suffer from any type of respiratory problems often. Homeowners that have people with COPD or asthma living in their home should make duct cleaning a priority to avoid a worsening of these types of conditions.
Cleaning ductwork is not an easy project, and most people lack the equipment to do a complete job for themselves. At The Manufactured Home Specialist, we clean the ductwork thoroughly and professionally. Our service ensures your home has the clean air you need and a more efficient HVAC system. Contact us for a complete inspection and cleaning service. 


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